Loans for zero and non rate Trony: Features and Offers.

Trony is one of the largest chains of appliance retailers and through the website it is possible to buy comfortably from home, being able to carefully evaluate the various proposals. Among the various services offered we also find Trony Loans, which allow you to pay for purchases in installments as long as these have an expense equal to or greater than 199 USD.

Trony Loans are finalized loans, therefore the granting of the same is linked to the purchase of an asset, and where the installment varies from a minimum of 12 months up to 25 months.

If you are going to shop you could also take advantage of the Trony Loans Zero rate, where both Tan and Teag are at 0% and therefore the amount spent will be divided by the number of monthly installments, for example if you have to buy iphone in installments and has a cost of 799 USD and you decide to pay in 12 months you will have monthly installments of 66.58 USD. The Trony zero rate loan offer is not always active, it is necessary, so pay attention and visit the site often or find a flyer during the offer days.

How Trony funding works

How Trony funding works

Trony does not directly manage the loans but it has an agreement with some financial companies, Fast Bank and Astro Finance and also for the zero rate offer Trony will always manage these financing practices.

In the event that you are physically purchasing in the shop you will find special corners with an operator to instruct the financing procedure, providing the necessary data, and if there is no problem, it will be possible to know immediately the outcome of the request.

If, on the other hand, you want to finance in installments the purchases made online on the website, you can always proceed from the comfort of your home, in fact both Fast Bank and Astro Finance allow you to instruct and follow the entire online process, from the request to the signature of contracts by signing digital.

Trony financing through Fast Bank – Trony rate zero rate

  • Trony Tasso Zero : in 25 months, first installment 30 days for amounts from 499 to 5000 USD. Example: 1000 USD in 25 installments of 40 USD, Tan and Taeg 0% credit amount 1000 USD.
  • Standard rate: in 12 or 18 monthly installments, first installment 90 days, for amounts from 200 to 5000 USD. Example: purchase of 700 USD in 12 installments of 63.43 USD, Tan 11.97% Teag 12.65%. Total credit amount 761.16.

Trony financing through Astro Finance

Trony financing through Astro Finance

  • Astro Finance “Standard rate” loan. EXAMPLE: A purchase of $ 1000 in 24 installments of $ 48.50 Tan fixed 12.86% Taeg 13.65% Total amount of credit $ 1000. Total amount due by the Consumer $ 1164. Average starting date of the first installment at 90 days.
  • Financing Trony Zero Rate Astro Finance. EXAMPLE: A purchase of $ 700 in 10 installments of $ 70 Fixed tan 0% Taeg 0% OR: A purchase of $ 700 in 20 installments of $ 35 Fixed tan 0% Taeg 0% Total credit amount: $ 700. Total amount due by the Consumer: $ 700. Expenses and accessory costs zeroed.

The maximum spending limit for the Trony loan is 7,500 USD and in the case of a standard interest rate, the amount financed will be the cost of the asset plus the costs of the preliminary investigation and management of the file, shipping costs and any extension of the guarantee.

Who is Trony funding aimed at?

Who is Trony funding aimed at?

In order to apply for Trony loans, you must have residence in Italy, be between 18 and 75 years old and have a current account.

The required documents are:

  • a copy of a valid identity document
  • a copy of the tax code / health card
  • a copy of the income document