Same Day Payday Loans Online Tue, 08 Sep 2020 04:59:31 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Social Lending Loans Change the 2020 Taxation, Here are the News Sun, 19 Jan 2020 13:08:46 +0000 What are the 2020 news about social lending loans? The new Budget Law has made some significant changes to the panorama of social lending, the loans between private individuals online provided through specialized platforms: Italian private individuals who lend money are the protagonists. Let’s see what are the changes expected for users of this market.

Loans between individuals online: the new 2020 taxation

Loans between individuals online: the new 2020 taxation

The change concerns the application of a new tax on social lending loans. This year (2020), based on the new regulatory references, the interests collected through this type of investment will be subject to a fixed withholding corresponding to 26% in relation to the total amount.

This is a significant change because different taxes were expected during the past year (2019). The interest, pertinent to the establishment of the lender’s income, was subject to taxation which ranged from a basic threshold of 23% but could go up to 43%, not to mention the municipal and regional additional charges.

Let’s take an example to understand to what extent the changes will have an impact on savers. Considering an active interest of 6% (understood as gross), in 2019 we had a net which could vary from 3.42% to 4.62%, at best.

From 2020, however, in the face of the same situation, we will have a net income of 4.44%.

Social lending opportunities

Social lending opportunities

It is a regulatory change, that of social lending loans, which will affect many savers, given that P2P lending has gained widespread consensus in recent years.

This is due on the one hand to the disintermediation that only social lending platforms can offer, and on the other hand to the rates which are basically cheaper than traditional loans, presented by banks and financial companies.

It is also a market which, according to analysts, should continue its ascent path. The basis of peer to peer lending is a very simple principle: online platforms bring together individuals interested in receiving a loan and those willing to provide credit, receiving a higher rate than many other investment alternatives. Applicants will undergo an evaluation process.

Applying for loans through capital lender is easy. An online loan application is sufficient to address both banks and private investors at a serious level. Of course, the borrower decides who gets the loan.

Our customer support team is fast and efficient to clear all your doubts regarding personal loan eligibility, procedures, offers, documentation and repayment options. We even contact with the respective lender on behalf of you.

Loans for zero and non rate Trony: Features and Offers. Wed, 15 Jan 2020 13:45:48 +0000 Trony is one of the largest chains of appliance retailers and through the website it is possible to buy comfortably from home, being able to carefully evaluate the various proposals. Among the various services offered we also find Trony Loans, which allow you to pay for purchases in installments as long as these have an expense equal to or greater than 199 USD.

Trony Loans are finalized loans, therefore the granting of the same is linked to the purchase of an asset, and where the installment varies from a minimum of 12 months up to 25 months.

If you are going to shop you could also take advantage of the Trony Loans Zero rate, where both Tan and Teag are at 0% and therefore the amount spent will be divided by the number of monthly installments, for example if you have to buy iphone in installments and has a cost of 799 USD and you decide to pay in 12 months you will have monthly installments of 66.58 USD. The Trony zero rate loan offer is not always active, it is necessary, so pay attention and visit the site often or find a flyer during the offer days.

How Trony funding works

How Trony funding works

Trony does not directly manage the loans but it has an agreement with some financial companies, Fast Bank and Astro Finance and also for the zero rate offer Trony will always manage these financing practices.

In the event that you are physically purchasing in the shop you will find special corners with an operator to instruct the financing procedure, providing the necessary data, and if there is no problem, it will be possible to know immediately the outcome of the request.

If, on the other hand, you want to finance in installments the purchases made online on the website, you can always proceed from the comfort of your home, in fact both Fast Bank and Astro Finance allow you to instruct and follow the entire online process, from the request to the signature of contracts by signing digital.

Trony financing through Fast Bank – Trony rate zero rate

  • Trony Tasso Zero : in 25 months, first installment 30 days for amounts from 499 to 5000 USD. Example: 1000 USD in 25 installments of 40 USD, Tan and Taeg 0% credit amount 1000 USD.
  • Standard rate: in 12 or 18 monthly installments, first installment 90 days, for amounts from 200 to 5000 USD. Example: purchase of 700 USD in 12 installments of 63.43 USD, Tan 11.97% Teag 12.65%. Total credit amount 761.16.

Trony financing through Astro Finance

Trony financing through Astro Finance

  • Astro Finance “Standard rate” loan. EXAMPLE: A purchase of $ 1000 in 24 installments of $ 48.50 Tan fixed 12.86% Taeg 13.65% Total amount of credit $ 1000. Total amount due by the Consumer $ 1164. Average starting date of the first installment at 90 days.
  • Financing Trony Zero Rate Astro Finance. EXAMPLE: A purchase of $ 700 in 10 installments of $ 70 Fixed tan 0% Taeg 0% OR: A purchase of $ 700 in 20 installments of $ 35 Fixed tan 0% Taeg 0% Total credit amount: $ 700. Total amount due by the Consumer: $ 700. Expenses and accessory costs zeroed.

The maximum spending limit for the Trony loan is 7,500 USD and in the case of a standard interest rate, the amount financed will be the cost of the asset plus the costs of the preliminary investigation and management of the file, shipping costs and any extension of the guarantee.

Who is Trony funding aimed at?

Who is Trony funding aimed at?

In order to apply for Trony loans, you must have residence in Italy, be between 18 and 75 years old and have a current account.

The required documents are:

  • a copy of a valid identity document
  • a copy of the tax code / health card
  • a copy of the income document


Bank offers a fast loan for you. Mon, 13 Jan 2020 13:05:14 +0000 For those who need to receive a loan in a short time there are what are defined as fast loans. Usually these are loans with a relatively low amount, but the maximum amount that can be received usually depends on the bank you choose (usually the maximum figure is between 50,000 and 70,000 USD).

What differentiates a fast loan from a personal one? Simply the fact that a fast loan is disbursed fairly quickly, i.e. within 48 hours of a person applying for it. Because the procedure for applying for a fast loan is simplified compared to a personal loan.

How to get a quick loan

How to get a quick loan

This type of loan is mainly made by banks and financial companies, but by going around the web you can find several interesting offers. Banks and financial companies usually ask their customers to fill in a way in which to enter, in addition to personal data, the amount they need, the duration of this loan, information on the type of work and the income that is received. 

Estimate and installment calculation of fast financing

Estimate and installment calculation of fast financing

Online, however, the proposal regarding fast loans is very wide. What must be done to make a request to receive this type of financing. First you need to choose the bank or insurance company according to your needs and requirements. At this point all you have to do is connect to the website of the bank (or insurance company) and follow the instructions.

Usually exactly the same information that is required for a traditional loan is required : first an identity document and then also a document that certifies the income that is received (in other words, nothing more than the paycheck or pension as regards who no longer works). Regarding this last point, it is necessary to know that to be able to obtain a fast loan you must have a stable and continuous type of income.

At this point, fill in all the information that is requested, proceed with the identification of the user and then with the request for the loan itself. In practice, the individual has only to enter the amount he needs and also the duration of the loan itself. Obviously, interest rates ( TAN and APR ) will also vary according to the type of installment that is chosen and the duration of the loan.

This request will then be sent to the financial institution that was initially chosen, which will have to evaluate the feasibility of the loan. If the request is accepted then the loan amount will be directly paid into the applicant’s checking account within a maximum of 48 hours.

Is the loan with immediate disbursement convenient?

Is the loan with immediate disbursement convenient?

There are several advantages in choosing to request a fast online loan: first of all, convenience and speed, as the loan (if the request is obviously accepted) can be received in a very short time. Another aspect not to be underestimated is also security, which is guaranteed by the bank that is chosen. It will also be possible to monitor the progress of the loan application by simply visiting the reserved area on the reference bank’s website. There can be different reasons that can push an individual to apply for a fast loan, reasons that usually the bank does not need to know.

As mentioned above, around the web you can find many offers of different types for a fast loan to be received within 48 hours. Among the best known and certainly most widespread financial companies because they offer interesting offers we undoubtedly find Astro Finance, Best Bank, Lender Bank and Lite Bank. Simply by logging on the website of one of these companies you can easily find all the information, offers and information to make the right choice of the company to rely on to receive a fast loan.

Agos loans with fast disbursement

Agos loans with fast disbursement

Fast Agos loans have the particularity of making the sum requested by the customer available very quickly and, above all, through a very simple procedure that can be managed completely online, without the need to physically go to the branch. With Agos fast loans it is possible to obtain up to 30,000 USD, which must be repaid in installments with repayment plans that can vary from 12 to 120 months. Usually the timing is very tight. About 24 hours are sufficient for the management of the file and another 24 hours for the payment of the agreed sum.

Immediate quote with Astro Finance

Immediate quote with Findomestic

The fast Astro Finance loans represent one of the preferred choices for those who need to obtain liquidity in a short time. Also in this case the timing is very fast because Astro Finance has a management of the practices that can be carried out entirely online: the questions are sent in digital form thanks to the digital signature and in this way the times are reduced a lot; in addition, the customer can monitor the progress of his practice by connecting to the website.

The truth about loans in 1 hour

The truth about loans in 1 hour

Are fast loans in an hour really paid out or are they just a myth that has no foundation in everyday reality? Let’s face it, today more than in the past it is complicated to be able to obtain financing of this type, but it is not entirely possible. In order to be approved for a loan with one hour disbursement it is important to have all the credentials, that is, to have the appropriate income requirements with respect to the requests of banks and financial companies. Another very important aspect concerns the amount of the sum requested. Loans in an hour concern only and exclusively small amounts of money.

How to make an online quote

How to make an online quote

Fast online loans are the ideal solution for those who have an immediate need for liquidity, especially if this is needed in order to cope with unexpected expenses. We must not forget, in fact, that there are more and more Italians who find themselves having to face sudden expenses such as the breakdown of the car, which is difficult to meet with just the family budget. Thanks to fast loans with online disbursement it is possible, in a short time, to obtain liquidity and meet your needs.

Quick loan from Post Services

Quick loan from Post Services

Post Services increasingly tries to compete with banks and financial institutions. His fast loans are, in fact, particularly appreciated by customers because they allow access to small and medium-sized capital in a very short time. The practice for obtaining Lite Bank loans can be managed directly online but, for those who prefer to have direct contact, it is always possible to go to any post office.

Fast loans: what’s true?

Fast loans: what

The fast loans concern only small loans or micro credit. In fact, these are loans granted in a few hours and with which it is possible to obtain a maximum of 2-3 thousand USD. Usually the practice is managed online. There are also some exceptions such as those relating to loans with pre approval of the practice. In that case, the loan is disbursed immediately.


An alarming report on night work to reduce debts. Mon, 06 Jan 2020 03:52:37 +0000 By questioning night work for its negative effects on health, the report published by SenSA highlights the “proven” health impacts of shift work, apart from its effects on social and family life.

3.5 million people work at night

3.5 million people work at night

For the first time, a health security agency examined all the health risks linked to night work, in the short and long term. And the conclusions of the SenSA report, the National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety, are alarming: the risks of sleep disorders and metabolic disorders are described as “proven”.

The report even considers the risks of cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mental disorders to be “probable”.

Commissioned by the CFTC, the French Confederation of Christian Workers, this study reviewed, for four years, all of the recent existing scientific data on night work, defined by the Labor Code as accomplished between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

In 2012, 3.5 million people were affected, occasionally or regularly, or 15.4% of employees in France, an increase of more than a million people since 1991. This represents 21.5% of male employees and 9.3% of women, mainly in the tertiary sector.

At the forefront: vehicle drivers, soldiers and police, nurses and nursing assistants, skilled workers in the food, chemicals, pharmacy.

Cascading health impacts

Beyond its influence on social and family life, shifted work causes disturbances in biological rhythms, in particular a desynchronization between circadian rhythms set on a day schedule and the cycle of night work, resulting in disorders of the sleep, drowsiness and metabolic syndrome caused by negative effects on the internal clock of the human brain.

SenSA recommends limiting the use of night work and properly assessing its social costs. Shift work is often an obligation to close the budget in many households, they have every interest in minimizing tensions in their homes, such as debt stress which can be reduced by the repurchase of credits, or hygiene of life including moments of true relaxation.

Get a 40000 USD loan without difficulty! Mon, 30 Dec 2019 13:33:01 +0000 Loan 40000 USD get a loan and repay the installments through a part of your Salary or Pension.

Loan 40000 USD get a loan and repay the installments through a part of your Salary or Pension.

You will pay your financing directly with your salary or pension, in fact you will have the amount of the installment withheld directly in your paycheck or pension.

Simple to obtain loan that provides a fixed rate for the duration of the loan. This is an unfinished loan, so you will never have to specify the reason for your loan application. The monthly installment cannot exceed the fifth part of the salary or pension.

Loan for employees and retired workers, where the repayment of the installment takes place by direct deduction from the paycheck or pension. The installment can have a maximum amount equal to 20% of the salary, or one fifth of the paycheck or pension assessed net of withholding taxes.

All employees can apply for a loan of $ 40,000 with payroll retention, just being hired for at least three months, both state and para-state and private. The funding is also dedicated to retirees from all pension institutions and to protestants. It has a minimum duration of 24 months and a maximum of 120 months, so you can apply for a loan of 40,000 in 10 years.

How does it work:

How does it work:

The employer is expected to pay the loan installments on behalf of his employee, while retaining the amount from the paycheck. The same cannot refrain from accepting a request. In the event of termination or suspension of the paycheck for dismissal, resignation or leave, the employer is entitled to stop the payment of the installment.

In case of resignation or dismissal of the employee, the employer will have to keep any amount accrued by the employee at the company, who will use it to fully or partially pay off the debt. In the case of pensioners, the pension fund is responsible for paying the agreed installment monthly.



The stipulation, by law, also provides for the mandatory inclusion of life and employment risk insurance. In the case of “employment risk”, the insurance intervenes, but has the right of recourse against the debtor, within the limits of the TFR (Severance Indemnity) accrued up to that moment: this figure, set aside by the company in a special Fund, it remains unavailable to the customer who has taken out the loan. In the case of “life risk”, on the other hand, the insurance intervenes without claiming a right of recourse against the heirs.

Precisely for the reimbursement method adopted, it takes place by means of a direct withholding on the paycheck, it significantly limits the risk of voluntary insolvency of the debtor: once the contract has been started, the user can no longer revoke the payment. For this reason, they can also be requested by people protested or reported to the central risks as bad payers.


Debt spiral – I have a loan and payday loans of $ 20,000 Sat, 28 Dec 2019 03:15:26 +0000 Hello, I fell into a spiral of debts, more precisely payday loans. I currently have one large loan at Alior Bank and payday loans for approximately PLN 20,000. Do you have any advice on how to clean yourself of it and get out of debt?

Debt spiral

First of all, I urge you to stop borrowing, because each subsequent loan you take will further deepen your already difficult financial situation.

The next thing is income. Unfortunately, you don’t mention anything about them, and they are crucial to help you plan your debt recovery. The key here is how and if you can manage to increase your income at all ?!

If you earn little, and I suppose it is, then consider changing to a better, better-paid job. People in Poland very often get used to their employer, too often, it’s a mistake …

You should constantly look for a new, better job, with better earnings, because the earnings we achieve directly determine our standard of living. Of course, you must not only measure high, but also constantly improve your professional qualifications.

You must also consider taking up extra work, doing overtime if possible, or submitting a request to your employer for a raise. Having financial problems, you must remember that every additional USD you can earn is worth its weight in gold …

The next step you should decide on is to sell your property. If you have any items, items that present some monetary value, consider selling them, and give the money you get from selling them to pay off outstanding payday installments.

You also need to scan your home budget for streams where you run out of money, money that could be saved and spent on paying off your outstanding installments.

Be sure to read two articles on household budget management here:

  • How to manage your home budget wisely ?!
  • Home budget – [EXAMPLES and METHODS] for improving the budget

Remember that getting out of debt is often a journey into the unknown, especially if you are facing debt problems for the first time …

The key is therefore to convince yourself that living with debts no longer makes sense, it is worth to list all the reasons why you are currently in such a poor financial situation and never commit them again!

The next step will be finding the motivation to get out of debt so STRONG that every morning, the first thing you will think about will be something like: ” … for xxx days and I will be financially free, I will be able to buy this … and that … go there and there … “- do you understand what’s going on?

It is also worth adding that a solid motivational kick is the testimony that, step by step, we manage to get out of these debts …

A great example of this can be listing all the loans you have, from the most expensive, with the largest APRC, to the cheapest one, and leaving the list somewhere in sight, and then crossing out every loan we can pay back …

The feeling of pride that you get, deleting the next paid loans, is really motivating, the first two loans are always the worst, later it is downhill, because everything is gaining momentum – trust me, it is a beautiful feeling … with each loan repaid, your home budget has lighter and lighter …

… and the most important:

It is not worth hiding your head in the sand, because it will not bring anything good … e.g. one of my friends, for several months now, does not even open correspondence from the bailiff, because she is afraid to face what she reads, evidently runs away from the problem, which she will face sooner or later.

… what is still important?

Admit that we have debts?

Do you hide it carefully? probably the first what? I know, it’s not easy to admit to family and friends that we are in financial trouble for now.

If you stop hiding that you have a problem with debts, getting out of them will become much easier, nobody from your family or friends will tempt you with a pizza break, a weekend break at the seaside, or another weekend party outdoors.

Friends and friends will know that you are in the phase of saving money and will try not to tempt you with these trips or other pleasures, which, as you know, are not cheap.

Don’t be afraid to say ” sorry, I can’t afford it ” or ” sorry, but I don’t go because I don’t have money ” etc. If your family or friends don’t understand the message, then you will know who your real friend is and who cares about your welfare, as it is commonly said: ” Friends are made in poverty .”

Are you looking for an individually fitting loan for debt settlement? Wed, 06 Nov 2019 03:02:04 +0000 Would you like to “clean up” and merge various loans? – Or do you need a specific debt rescheduling of a certain liability?

The timing of your debt restructuring would be well chosen. We support your loan search with offers and information. Learn how you can optimally reschedule debt, avoid mistakes and solve problems.

Debt Settlement Loan – Use Interest Rate Policy

Debt Settlement Loan - Use Interest Rate Policy

Different key figures determine how expensive a debt settlement loan is for borrowers. The general interest rate level for long-term debt rescheduling is based on the key interest rate of the Good Finance. The key interest rate has apparently only known one direction for years. It falls and falls. However, the key interest rates will hardly be able to fall further. Banks have long paid no interest for refinancing their consumer loans.

On the contrary, they even have to pay interest to the Good Finance for “parked money”. Initially, only short-term installment loans and mortgage loans benefited from the lack of interest. Today, banks offer regular loans with very long terms at low interest rates. A sober look at interest on savings shows even more effects. For some time now, savers have actually no longer received any interest.

What is new is that the first credit institutions are openly thinking about the negative interest rate for savings. The signs could not be more favorable when looking for a loan to settle debt. Interest rates are at an all-time low for both regular loan offers and private loans. Those who hesitate now run the risk of giving away their advantages. The inflationary Good Finance policy cannot go on forever.

Plan debt restructuring cleverly – what should you watch out for?

Plan debt restructuring cleverly - what should you watch out for?

Every debt restructuring pursues a primary goal – medium-term or at least long-term debt relief. In addition, there are secondary objectives, such as the liquidity gain by realizing the repayments already made and by adjusting the term. The low interest rates of the present promote debt rescheduling options, especially with larger financing amounts and longer terms.

However, debt restructuring does not work according to the “lawnmower method”. Refinancing must pay off so that the goal of debt relief can be achieved as cost-effectively as possible. Converting short-term loans, overdraft facilities or credit cards into an installment loan always pays off. The situation is different if existing installment loans would have to be repaid. The additional contracts, explicitly credit insurance, are decisive.

In order for the loan to pay off the debt optimally, only installment loans should be combined whose loan costs are calculated back to the day of the repayment date. This is not the case with credit with residual debt insurance (RSV). The insurance premiums were usually co-financed, but are not calculated back. Debting such a loan means giving away cash.

Special case – credit with residual debt insurance

Special case - credit with residual debt insurance

Residual debt insurance is worth protecting the family, because in the event of unemployment, the installment is paid by the insurance. However, insurance coverage was only granted for a specific loan. If the credit risk disappears because the loan was replaced by debt restructuring, the contributions already paid are lost. How much money that is can be roughly estimated from the transfer fee.

Around 10 percent of the remaining debt per borrower corresponds to the co-financed insurance premium. If $ 6,000 insured loan were rescheduled, around $ 600 would be lost. “Retrieving” this money by saving interest is almost always impossible. The “unused” contributions would also not be transferable.


With regard to the primary goal of achieving debt relief, insured loans should only be rescheduled in an emergency.

Selective debt restructuring – with a good credit rating

Selective debt restructuring - with a good credit rating

If borrowers are looking for debt rescheduling of individual payment obligations, high overdraft is the most common reason. Anyone can get into the dispo trap. The overdraft facility creates liquidity when somewhat larger invoices are in the mailbox. At the same time, it encourages people not to sacrifice consumption even at low tide in the household budget. If you have a good credit rating, you don’t have to look for a suitable loan to settle your debt.

Free loan comparisons on the Internet show the way to a low-interest debt rescheduling loan quickly and easily. A typical mistake that borrowers quickly commit is to choose a term that is too short. The disposition would initially be put in its place. But, without a liquidity reserve, the red numbers quickly appear on the account statement.

It is better to plan the loan to settle the debt with small installments, but to replace it early by “saving”. The advantage of this method is that only low regular payments are firmly agreed. If the household budget can make higher payments, the money flows to a savings book for “temporary storage”. If there is a shortage in the checking account, the reserve protects against red numbers.

Debt restructuring with poor creditworthiness – finance fairly

Debt restructuring with poor creditworthiness - finance fairly

Debt rescheduling does not only arise with excellent creditworthiness, but much more often when personal creditworthiness for lending is restricted. In this situation, it becomes difficult to grant low-interest bank loans to repay debt. Optionally, bank loans with risk interest premiums or loan offers from private customers could be considered.

A loan to settle debts from private, serious brokered by Cream bank doesn’t have to be expensive. Current savings book conditions literally push savers into alternative investments. Seriously valued lending is one of the manageable investment risks from an investor’s perspective.

Certificates make it easier to secure lending based on professional indicators. The bidding process allows investors to share the risk. Under these circumstances, a low-interest loan to settle debts remains possible even if bank loans were refused.

Honor loan for students and startups | How to get it? Tue, 22 Oct 2019 12:20:47 +0000  

The loan of honor is a personal loan regulated by legislative decree 185/2000. It provides non-refundable grants and subsidized rate loans for those who want to start a business in the form of a company or self-employment or for deserving students (law 390/1991).

Main characteristics of the loan of honor

Main characteristics of the loan of honor

Here are the main features of the honor loan:

  • more favorable refund conditions ;
  • simplified access to capital, as the applicant need not necessarily have demonstrable income;
  • the presence of a guarantor or a co-obligation is not required.

How the honor loan works

How the honor loan works

The loan of honor provides for the disbursement of loans for the following categories:

  • Micro-enterprises : the maximum eligible investments amount to $ 129,114 (excluding VAT). For investment expenses, a non-repayable contribution of approximately 50% and a subsidized loan for the remaining 50% with an interest rate at 30% of the reference rate in force at the time of the signing of the loan contract. The repayment must be made in seven years at most by means of deferred constant quarterly installments;
  • Franchising : a 50% non-refundable grant and a loan at a subsidized rate for the remaining half to be repaid in a maximum of seven years;
  • Self -employment: the total eligible investment amounts to $ 25,823 (excluding VAT), while the subsidized rate loan for investments cannot exceed the amount of $ 15,494. The non-refundable contribution for the management costs of the first year cannot exceed 5,164.57 USD;
  • Students : the loan may vary according to the bank and the duration of the course of study. Usually it is around 5 / 6,000 USD per year. The loan has no interest while the repayment usually starts about two years after completing the studies, with a duration ranging from one to 15 years.

The requirements

The requirements

As for work activities, the requirements include:

  • the age of majority;
  • the status of unoccupied on the date of submission of the application;
  • Italian residence on 1st January 2000 or for at least six months on the date of submission of the application.

In the case of micro – enterprises and franchises, at least the numerical half of the shareholders who holds at least half of the share capital or quotas must possess the aforementioned requirements.

Students who want to access the honor loan must be:

  • resident in Italy;
  • enrolled in one of the Italian universities;
  • in possession of the income and merit requirements established by law 390/1991.

How to apply for the loan of honor

How to apply for the loan of honor

The methods of request vary from work activities to students, therefore:

  • Micro-enterprises, franchising, self-employment : the loan of honor is managed by Self -employed Bank, that is, the National Agency for the Attraction of Investments and Business Development. It is possible to submit the application online, specifying the purpose of the request. When the loans of honor are disbursed by other subjects, such as the Regions or the Municipalities, the application must be forwarded to the latter bodies according to the modalities foreseen by the announcement;
  • Students : the honor loan is based on agreements between universities and banks. To submit questions, it is necessary to contact the university secretariat where you can also inquire about which banks have an agreement.